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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why is this estate part of the New Homes for Small Sites project?

We are building new homes on this estate based on the following considerations: 

  • Conversations with residents for their views on bringing forward new homes

  • The Council’s commitment to addressing housing need in the borough 

  • If the site is suitable to build new homes on  

  • The current use of the space 


Cabinet also considered the results of engagement with residents that took place between July and November 2022. The area for new homes being looked at was reduced in response to feedback from residents and we will not be looking at homes on the orchard area.

2. How is the New Homes for Small Sites programme being funded?

This project and others in the borough are being funded through the Council’s Community Investment Programme (CIP)  which has enabled significant investment and improvement in homes, schools and communities across Camden.  


This programme is funded by the Community Investment Programme and the Mayor of London’s Affordable homes programme. 


Through CIP, the New Homes for Small Sites Programme will explore innovative opportunities beyond large-scale regeneration, working in partnership with our communities to better utilise some of the land that the council owns to create secure, affordable homes.


3. How many homes could be built on this estate and what kind of homes would they be? 

We are exploring designs for new affordable homes at Raglan Street Estate and more information on how many homes are being considered will be available once designs are presented at consultation.


This programme aims to build genuinely affordable Social Rent  and Camden Living Rent Homes. Camden Living is a Camden Council owned provider of affordable rented housing, providing  homes that are significantly below the market rent value.


4. How does building a small number of homes make a difference to the housing crisis? 

By exploring opportunities on small areas of land that the council already owns we are able to find ways of creating much needed new homes, which can be built faster than our larger scale regeneration projects. Over time, looking at small sites around the borough has the potential to add up to a very significant number of new homes whilst improving the outside areas on these estates.

5.​ Will I be able to get a new home?

There will be a local lettings policy that gives priority for social rent homes to local residents who are registered with priority housing needs. 


If you are living in accommodation that doesn’t meet your needs, make sure you are registered on the housing register via: 


You can find out more about Camden Living Rent and how to apply here:



6.​ Is there a private developer involved in the new homes on this estate?

No, the council is the lead developer of the scheme and there are no private developers . Camden is planning to directly deliver and manage the new homes on this estate. None of the new homes built will be sold by the council.

7.​ How will building new homes on the estate benefit me and my neighbours?

In addition to providing new homes for local people, we will explore ways we can improve existing outdoor spaces within the estates.

In the coming months the team want to understand your priorities for improvements: 

  • Improved play areas 

  • Improved open / green spaces 

  • Improved security 

  • Secured storage requirements for some estates  

  • Improved waste and recycling facilities 


We will work closely with the designers and housing management to make these improvements happen wherever possible.



8.​ What will the new homes look like? How tall will they be?

There are no detailed designs for new homes so we cannot give a firm answer on this yet. Once a design team is appointed, they will meet with residents and share the designs to get your feedback in the run up to preparing a planning application in Spring 2024. Your feedback will shape how the buildings can blend in with and feel like part of the estate and local area. 


Some factors, like the height of buildings and distance between windows will be set by planning policies and other factors will be determined by different site constraints, funding, and other building regulations to make this space a safe and pleasant place to live. 


The designs will need to include an assessment of impact on trees and Daylight & Sunlight impact (overshadowing) on existing homes, as well as other planning considerations.


9.​ How long will this take?   

We are working towards submitting a planning application in early 2024. Subject to planning approval, the earliest construction work would start on site would be summer 2025 and the earliest new homes would complete by winter 2026/27, allowing for an 18 month build programme. See the timeline and find out more here.


10.​ What will happen during construction? I’m concerned about noise and disruption whilst this happens.

We will work with our teams to mitigate disruption from building works as much as possible. The contractors will  work to the ‘considerate contractors code’ and produce a Construction Management Plan that outlines how they will manage access needs, noise levels, and impacts of dust on the surrounding residents. Residents will be notified in advance of any changes to access or parking suspensions and when particularly noisy work is likely to be carried out.


In Camden, unless special authorisation is granted, noisy building works can only be carried out:


Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm

Saturday from 8am to 1pm


Noisy building works should not take place without authorisation:

outside the above-mentioned hours

on Sundays and Bank Holidays


Builders carrying out noisy building works outside of these hours may be liable for prosecution.



11.​ What about the existing storage provision?

Removal of garages is required to build the homes. We know that some residents are concerned about the loss of storage or parking provided that these provided.

The team are currently working with the people who currently use the garages to understand and explore ways of meeting their needs where possible on the site, or elsewhere in

the surrounding area.  If you would like to speak to someone about your current situation contact us here.


12.​ What about repairs and maintenance needed to the existing buildings on the estate?

We are aware that repair work has been reported for some existing homes, with residents mentioning issues with their buildings to us.  Any repairs or maintenance work to your homes will take place separatelyto the New Homes for Small Sites programme. Any improvements made through this project will be to outside areas of the estate.


Please continue to report specific repairs to:  

the reactive and responsive repairs team emergencies: 020 7974 4444  

or report nonemergency repairs by texting 07360277909  


We anticipate there will be planned works for your estate in the next few years, however this is subject to funding.



13.​ How are we addressing your concerns regarding the issues of security and tackling ASB on the estate? 

Security and antisocial behaviour were raised as issues in several areas of the estate. 

The small sites programme has the potential to improve security with: 

  • ‘secure by design’ homes  which could create new resident only entry points to the estate, 

  • safer outside areas with better lighting and improved ‘passive surveillance’ provided by more homes. 

  • reducing opportunities for fly-tipping or other misuse of outside areas. 


You should continue to report any issues of day-to-day antisocial behaviour to the police or your ward councillor.

If you have a question that hasn’t been answered above, get in touch here.

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